Death by perfume

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作者:by ; You ; Jin ; translated ; by ; Jeremy ; Tiang

出版社:Epigram Books Ltd




ISBN:978-981-4615-03-7 ; 981-4615-03-X ; 978-981-4615-0

In the late 1970s, a young Singaporean writer arrives in Jeddah with an infant son. She encounters a strange and often hostile environment with curiosity, empathy and good humour. In this collection of linked stories, the narrator confronts a bored expat wife with dangerously extravagant tastes, a divorced engineer with the face of a camel, and a desperate security guard who only finds solace in downing bottles of perfume. Beguiling, plaintive and profoundly insightful, You Jin's fiction is a beautiful evocation of Saudi society.

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