Live your dream:how to develop a network marketing business that works

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作者:by ; Claudia ; Hofmaier

出版社:Faris Digital Solutions




ISBN:978-981-09-0680-1 ; 981-09-0680-3 ; 978-981-09-680

Earning more while working less is the dream of many. At the age of 40, Claudia Hofmaier was able to retire from her full time corporate job. Just over four years in the business, Claudia's team has grown to over 7000 members and she is now one of the top leaders in the company in Singapore. She was introduced to Essential Oils by a friend for their healing benefits. With a passion for helping others and natural health, the Essential oils and associated natural products were the perfect fit as a Network marketing business. It allows many people to do exactly that and be able to live the lifestyle they desire. Live your dream will show you how you too can establish a successful network marketing business that will reward you personally as well as financially. In this book you will learn to: · Get started in network marketing · Find people to look at your products and opportunity · Organize your first event and present your products · Follow up with prospects · Help people to become members or customers · Develop the mindset you need to succeed · Set and achieve your goals · Develop a team of leaders And much more…

  • Introduction(第1页)
  • 1. What is Network Marketing?(第2页)
  • 2. Wellness with Essential Oils(第3页)
  • 3. Your 'Why' and having the right mindset(第4页)
  • 4. Let's get started(第5页)
  • 5. How to find people to take a look at your products and opportunity(第6页)
  • 6. How to organize your first home party(第7页)
  • 7. Keys to Success(第8页)
  • 8. Closing and follow up(第9页)
  • 9. Setting and achieving goals(第10页)
  • 10. How to develop the mindset of a leader(第11页)
  • 11. Questions & Answers(第12页)
  • 12. No more excuses, live your DREAM(第13页)
  • Appendix(第14页)
  • About The Author(第15页)
  • Recommended Readings(第16页)